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- in our salon, we are very careful about strict hygiene conditions. We want to protect you as well as our employees.-

- we not just fullfil but we exceed all the official requirements of Public health authority of the Slovak Republic in Bratislava.

- we use material with high epidemiological level only.

- as probably the only ones in Slovakia, we use sterile gloves only. Each pair is packed separately. In most cases so called „examination gloves“ are used, be carefull these are not sterile

- it is a must for us to use only sterile equipement and material. Every needle we use is one-shot and sterile, our masks, bags as well as every piece of jewelery are sterile. We do not use sprays for tattoo or piercing in order not to have aerosoles and microcrystals in the air.

- all surfaces are cleaned after each and every client.

- we keep separate bins for biological waste and ordinary waste.

- there is a sterilizer and a hygiene part as well as a washbasin in our salon. We use a hot-air sterilizer (annualy checked by the Public health authority) and an ultrasound cleaner.

- each our employee has a heath certificate and a licence for working in epidemiologically risky environment, certificate for the activities that he/she is practising and hepatitis vaccination type A and type B.

Telefón+421 902 699 599

How to find us

Štefánikova 14
Bratislava 1
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