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Piercing has been here for a long time. There are many differnent reasons why to be pierced. It´s a decoration, it creates your image, might be a reminder of your life-period, a way to overcome yourself or simply a curiosity.

Piercing in our salon is done by a profesional – piercer, who is licenced and has years of experience.
The process of piercing application is done in clean environment with sterile equipment. In our salon, we ensure consistent high hygiene standards: sterile gloves, masks and special antiseptic remedies and detergents. We use jewellery made of Titanium T-G23 or Bioplastic (PMFK or PTFE – polymer medical flexible plastic) according the EU directive 94/27/EC. All our jewellery is certified.

We do all different kind of piercings such as: 

  • tongue,
  • nostril,
  • eyebrow,
  • navel,
  • lobule,
  • conch,
  • tragus,
  • labret,
  • lipring,
  • medusa,
  • madona,
  • septum,
  • bridge,
  • scrumper,
  • cheek,
  • nipple,

but also less usuall like:

  • industrial, helix,
  • antitragus,
  • chin,
  • lip,
  • nasallang,
  • surface,
  • intim,
  • microdermal,
  • play piercing,
  • we also do piercing stretching.

Play piercing

Play piercing is fun and a decoration. Wheather for your pleasure or pleasure of others, we create and apply play piercing for you. We pierce hypodermic needles or weave a corset piercing – captive bead rings mimicking the position of the eyelets on a corset with a string or decorative lacing weaved through the jewelry. Play piercing has a very high risk of rejection, therefore fairly prompt removal is necessary.

All our jewellery is new, not used! Shortening and exchange of jewellery is free of charge.

Telefón+421 902 699 599

How to find us

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Bratislava 1
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