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The aftercare and treatment of a new piercing

The preparation phase

• Do not use any medicaments, alcohol or any other drugs.
• We do not recomend either to eat a lot or to be hungry before the piercing application.
•In case you are ill (flu, cold, angina etc.) you should wait till you get better again. Weaker imune system slows down the healing process and might cause undesired complications. 
• The piercing process itself doesn´t have to be painful, all depends on your physical and psychical state and preparation. If you expect it to be painful and unpleasant, it probably will be. If you are at ease and looking forward, you will deal with the piercing application well.
• You can have piercing unless you have problems with your heart, bad blood coagulation, diabetes or epilepsy.
• If you are alergic to any metal or chemicals it´s absolutely necessary to inform us. We can´t deal with it, unless we know about it.


• The pain itself is a very subjective feeling. To tell wheather it hurts or not, it´s difficult to say. Some people say it does, some say it doesn´t. It depends on the pierced place as well as on your psychical and physical state. Nevertheless, each piercing is to be survived and our practice has shown that usually the expectations towards the pain are much higher than the reality – it hurts less than you would say.Good advice: do not let yourself mislead by those who know that it´s painful but never had any piercing themselves. 

Treatment and healing

• You need to be aware that piercing is a wound, with a strange object in. To care about piercing is like to care about any other wound.
• Your body needs to heal the wound itself, but you can help with the right treatment.
• Your piercing and the wound need to be regulary cleaned. Both, excessive and poor cleaning are inconvenient. While poor cleaning might cause inflammation, excessive one can cause irritation.
• Your body needs to get used to a new object. It can take from minimum time of one week (e.g. tongue ) to even eight months (e.g. navel, cronch). It is also possible that your body refuses a jewellery (e.g. surface piercing).
• The skin around the pierced place is sensitive, can be reddish and bleeding. The pierced place often excretes a yellowish secret – tissue fluid, but that´s natural.
• You need to be very careful when cleaning the place. You should never touch it with dirty hands. Make sure you wash your hands with antiseptic soap before and do not dry them with a towel.
• Clean your piercing and it´s surroundings with an antiseptic soap, then rinse off soap with clean water.
• Brine (water and salt) is great and not agressive way to clean your wound.
• Use shower and avoid bath and swimming during the first days after the application of piercing. Soaking the wound raises the risk of infection.
• Use loose clothing, that doesn´t rub against the wound.
• The first weeks we do not recommend (at least first two weeks) solarium, swimming and sauna. 
• Do not unnecesserily move or remove the jewellery till the wound is healed.
• Slight swelling, reddish and fluid are signs of the healing process, not complications. Your body is fighting to heal the wound and at the same time it tries to adopt the new object. Slight diversion of a jewellery can be caused during the healing process.
• Time to time you should check and tighten screws on your jewellery.
• We will give you detailed information concerning cleaning and maintaining your piercing (depends on its placement).
• In case your piercing is inflamed, use Betadine for cleaning (available in each pharmacy) and consult us.
• In case of any other complications or unsual reactions do not hesitate to contact and consult us. We are happy to advice and help.
• Last but not least, we are happy to hear from you even if you have no troubles. We are interested to know how your healing went on and how long did it take. More information we get, more we learn and better service we can offer.

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