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About tattoo

Tattoo has a long tradition and it has different meaning and importance in different cultures. It can be an amulet, it can give you power or it can even be considered to be a sign of maturity. The word „tattoo“ comes from tahitian „tatu“ or „tatau“, which means to mark or to thrust.
Nowadays, when the man has „discovered“ the power of individuality and ego, it also reveals one´s personality, telling the world „a part“ of your story. Tattoos give you pleasure and delight.
Tattoo has become an art. People today feel more freedom, they expose themselves as well as their believes. It has become not only part of popular people´s image, but it has become wide spread for all people.
Tattoo is individual and personal. People choose different motives and different placement. The reasons to have one, differ from purely esthetic to deep philosophic reasons. The important thing for us is to satify your needs and your expectations.

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