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RIP Shannon Larratt

RIP Shannon Larratt

It was very hectic, last week, 
therefore we did not have time to write this post earlier.
On 15th March, 2018 it was exactly 5 years since Shannon Larratt ( ) has died. 
He committed suicide due very fair reasons
 ( you can find his last letter
here…/2013/…/16/finita-la-commedia-3/ )
He is a legend when comes to the BODYMODS, 
not only due his faith and courage, but mainly
 because he open and build up the largest bodymods 
community in the world at the time when it was mostly needed. 
At the time you felt maybe you alone in the world, 
he set up a network that show you : You are not ! He is founder of
There are many saying/ and we can only confirm, 
I know quite some people saying this is exactly how it is / 
,,You changed my life and I never even met you”
So in a honor of Shannon Larratt we would like
 to raise up glass and say thanx. 
And wish all free people to be free and do with their bodies
 what they want, as they feel and as they wish 
to seem them self (on a safe side or with knowing and accepting the risks).…/s8…/Shannon+Larratt+.jpg
Thanks to Shemon from who did couple 
of years ago presentation in Bratislava- 
for all of us – about life of Shannon.
p.s. if you have ( and we know quite some) 
any tattoo or scar of BME logo- -pls sent it to us. Thanks 
Branko and the BG team

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