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Sometimes there s nothing to do only rest. Especially during the long winter evenings they re waiting for us. And what is better resting than good movie or document? 
If you want a few types for you:

Tattoo nation - documentary film that sinks deep into the roots of the history of tattoo in America. From Maritime Tattoos, tattoos from prison cell to modern tattoos we can see today. The Famous American Actor Danny Trejo is in a movie in the role of a storyteller who will tell you his stories of all his tattoos.

Modify - one of the most documents of the body s body. As long as you're interested in points - mods this document you have to see 

Flesh & blood - view of the bizarre world of innovator in the area of body art Steve Hawortha, which invented a series of revolutionary implantátových surgical techniques.

Body of God - document capturing history of modern point modification since its beginning in the early 40 s to worldwide breakthrough in the 90.s

We used to do beamers similar movies, if you were interested in continuing such an idea, write a comment. If you are enough we can make one nice evening 

If you want to watch yourself, here you have link to subtitles 

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