Body Mods

Body Mods

This area of body modification is our speciality. We deliver experience and services that no one else does. We deliver more extreme forms of body art and other accompanying activities.

We believe that you should do whatever you want to do unless you harm anyone. That´s exactly what extreme session is about. Community of people and individuals who desire more things and new, inventive experience. If you feel to be one of them, we have what you desire.

Body suspension

There were various reasons that gave birth to this practice, mostly they were rituallistic. A lot can be said and writen about it´s history and present. The basis for suspension are hooks pierced under your skin (special hooks with diameter of 3-6mm) that lift you above the ground. You are hanging by your skin, which is a perfect material. It´s flexible, strong and recovers by itself. Yes, your skin is strong enough to hold you and two hooks are enough.

People willing to do body suspension have their own reasons. This form of modification or experience is strong and internal. It requires certain level of preparation: to deal with fear, you need mental and spiritual preparation. We know several variations of suspension and each one is different. Some are suitable for beginners, while other are for the experienced.

Since the beginning we cooperate with Prague piercing salon „“, where suspension in the Czech Republic was born. In Slovakia we are the only ones dealing with it.

At least twice a year we organize the SUSPENSION WORKSHOP, where anyone interested can get suspended. This workshop is only dedicated to suspendees and their company, its not a public event.

In case you are interested, just drop us a line at to receive an invitation for the upcoming workshop.

Upon request, we are able to provide an absolute discretion.

In case of any questions, please dont hesitate to ask.

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