•  new piercing is actually a wound in which is inserted piercing and therefore it´s necessary to take care of it properly
  •  never touch new piercing with dirty/unwashed hands. Always before aftercare carefully wash your hands withantibacterial soap
  • piercing doesn´t need to be moved, spin or otherwise manipulated - of course, when you cleaning it (when is wet) you can move with it
  •  during healing it´s good to have only quick showers and don´t expose it to water for long time, of course avoid swimming pools, saunas, etc.
  • clean piercing with saline you got from us, handy is to use cotton swabs/ Q-tips
  • -we also recommend to use original aftercare for piercing - which you can buy in our studio, of course continue to clean with saline (one time per day)
  • good non-agressive method of aftercare for piercing is also antibacterial soap ( WATER – SOAP -WATER)
  •  good non-agressive method of after care for piercing is also saline solution (ratio: ¼ salt and 2dcl water)
  • don´t use any other products (like antiseptics, tea tree oil etc), don´t use cream, watch out for make-up
  • never remove or change-over unhealed piercing!
  •  slight swelling, redness, sensitivity and discharge of yellowish secreta (tissue fluid) during beginning of the healing process is not a symptom of a complication, it is absolutely normal
  •  if you have a piercing on your face / head, you have to often change your bedclothes - when you have piercing on another part of your body it´s good to change to the clean pujamas and generraly wear comfortable clothing
  • occationally check threaded ends on your jewelry for tightness of balls and attachements
  •  from time to time even the healed piercing needs to be cleaned
  • piercing healing is individual and can be healed from 4 weeks (tongue) until 9 months (bellybuttom / cartilage)
  • in case of any questions, complications or unusual reactions, contact us immediately!

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