• success of the first tattoo is especially in care, so it should not be underestimated, because after repair the tattoo does not have to be as good quality as before

  • bandage must be removed after 2 – 6 hours, after this time all the pores of skin will close and minimizes the risk of infection and irritation

  • after unpacking is necessary to wash tattoo with antibacterial soap (Dettol Sensitive) and gently wipe it with clean gauze/tissue paper/towel by patting

  • the next 48 hours should be tattoo regularly checked (tattoo begins to scab form, which is tied with colour, breach of scabs causes falling out of colour) and wash several times a day with antibacterial soap

  • apply a thin coat of cream (EASYTATTOO that you get in the studio, or Bepanten) apply it several times a day, so that the tattoo is neither dry nor too oily

  • observe that the tattoo is in contact with air (do not seal or cover your tattoo by anything) in a quiet and clean environment, do not tighten and strain the skin

  • tattoo should be applied with cream and washed until complete self-acting subsidence of scabs

  • itching of tattoo is a sign of healing that occurs in the last days

  • do not scratch the scabs and for reduction of itching is good to wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap again

  • alcohol and drugs slow healing

  • tattoo should not be exposed to excessive sunlight, saunas, solariums, swimming pool and water for at least for four weeks

  • darkness of colour disappears by the effects of the sun, to the quality of tattoo will help when you protect it during the sunbathing with cream containing a UV filter

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