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Our studio also offers body modifications of somewhat more extreme and permanent nature. It’s mostly tongue split (snake tongue) or subdermal implants. We are capable and willing to fulfil even more non-traditional requirements. It all depends on your needs, ideas and desires. Of course there are things we will not do, as we believe those modifications are either too risky or easily available at other specialists (e.g. surgeons)

Body modifications are not for everybody. We need to know that our clients are determined and fully aware of the consequences this procedure will have on their lives. Before the procedure we require a personal meeting with the client to discuss all the possibilities and potential risks. Modifying procedures are considered risky and dangerous and are not to be performed by amateurs or people without the proper knowledge, experience, sterile location and equipment. If you really want some body modification done on you, you should take extra care in choosing the right person and place to perform the procedure.


For body modifications, it is imperative that some conditionsare met first. The client must be fully informed and firmly resolved to go through with the procedure. We on the other hand have to have all the knowledge, experience and equipment. We are proud to be the only studio in Slovakia,able to provide all of the above. We do have to insist on all requirements being met. If not, the body modification can posea huge risk for the client.


We would like to introduce two of the most common modifications we perform. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions about other types of desired modifications. Do not hesitate to contact us

Tongue Split

The procedure involves cutting the tongue from its tip toward the root, but not farther than the frenulum. The best way is to cut the old healed tongue piercing and therefore preventing the deepest cut from healing forward from the back. The important fact is that not everybody is fit for having the split done, sometimes the tongue is too short for the procedure to be performed. This surgery requires a good physical health of the client and it is important to know how to stop possible heavy bleeding, which doesnt occur in mostinstances. The healing process can take up to 6 weeks and it is necessary to follow our advice, ensuring proper care and recommended procedures.

After the healing, your tongue will be split in two, which allows for more than just a fancy show off... :)

Tongue splitting does not create lisp or any speech impediment.

The implant

Subdermal implant is a type of modification when a ready-made piece of jewellery / desired shape implant is placed underneath the skin into subdermis. The implants are made from certified materials such as teflon or silicone. It is important to choose the right size, location and material of the implant, so it would be comfortable to wear and not bothersome to the client in any way. The cut is made close to the desired location and a subdermal pocket is created for the implant to be placed in. The wound is fixed from the outside and the healing usually takes about 8 weeks. The skin fuses around the implant and (after the healing) creates a 3D effect.

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