About piercing

Piercing has been around for a long time. There are many differnent reasons why to be pierced. It´s a decoration, it creates your image, might be a reminder of a life-period, a way to overcome yourself or simply a curiosity.

Piercing in our salon is done by a profesional – piercer, who is licenced and has years of experience.
The process of piercing application is done in a clean environment with sterile equipment. In our salon, we ensure consistent high hygiene standards: sterile gloves, masks and special antiseptic remedies and detergents. We use jewellery made of Titanium T-G23 or Bioplastic (PMFK or PTFE – polymer medical flexible plastic) according the EU directive 94/27/EC. All our jewellery is certified.

All our jewellery is new, never used! Shortening and exchange of jewellery is free of charge.

The preparation phase

• Do not use any medicaments, alcohol or any other drugs.
• We do not recommend either to eat a lot or to be hungry before the piercing application.
•In case you are ill (flu, cold, angina etc.) you should wait till you get better again. Weaker immune system slows down the healing process and might cause undesired complications. 
• The piercing process itself doesn´t have to be painful, all depends on your physical and psychical state and preparation. If you expect it to be painful and unpleasant, it will probably be so. If you are at ease and looking forward to it, you will deal with the piercing application well.
• You cant get pierced if you have problems with your heart, bad blood coagulation, diabetes or epilepsy.
• If you are alergic to any metal or chemicals it´s absolutely necessary to inform us. We can´t deal with it, unless we know about it.


• The pain itself is a very subjective feeling. It´s difficult to say wheather it hurts or not. Some people say it does, some say it doesn´t. It depends on the pierced place as well as on your psychical and physical state. Nevertheless, each piercing is to be survived and our practice has shown that usually the expectations towards the pain are much higher than the reality – it hurts less than you would think. Good advice: do not let yourself be misled by those who know that it´s painful but never had any piercing themselves. 


We do all different kind of piercings such as: 

tongue, nostril, eyebrow, navel, lobe, conch, tragus, helix, labret, lipring, medusa, madonna, septum, bridge,smiley, cheek, nipple, industrial,

antitragus, chin, lip, nasallang,

but also less usual ones like:

microdermal, surface, intim -princ albert, vertical clitorial hood, christina, apadravya, play piercing and so on


We also do piercing stretching.


Contact us

MON-FRI 10:00 - 18:00
SAT-SUN closed
You get to our studio by bus number:
21, 25, 32, 41, 83, 84, 93, 184
You get to our studio by trolley number:
204, 209, 212
parking is avalible nearby our studio

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