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Cutting is a form of scarification. By damaging the top layer of your skin we create a wound, which the body heals with scar tissue. We do not damage any deeper skin layers than by tattooing. The image itself – of the motive, is created by the scar which occurs after the healing process. We have been practicing cutting for years and were the first studio in Slovakia to do so. Though cutting does have its own limitations (details of the motive, placing etc.), it is a very original way of body tuning. We will be more than happy to answer any further questions on contact.

We only perform cutting on adults, after personal consultation.



Branding as well as cutting is a scar. The difference is in technique. In branding a scar is not created with a scalpel but the epidermis is burned off. The pain isn´t strong, as your receptors are dead imediately as the burning material, usually metal, touches your skin. This means that both the scar and the final outcome are less „under control“, and thus its not our preferred scarring style. Despite the above, we do employ this technique. We have a „hot pen“ at our disposal, with which we can create the whole picture. We also have a possibility to create a custom made branding iron – a single piece metal stencil, which we would heat up and use to create the desired piece.

We only perform branding on adults, after personal consultation.


Prices are in the same range as with other professional studios who offer such services. They depend on the particular technique and complexity of the motive, thus we ask you to rech out to us, and set a personal appointment in the studio.


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